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I was born on the Island of Guam, plus I’m half Filipino, and I was raised in Southern California. We’ve been residents of the Nevada desert for about 20 years and we love the Vegas Valley. There’s so much entertainment and plenty of hiking trails and places to explore. We also enjoy long road trips and travel to Utah and Arizona to explore our National Parks annually.


Husband. Born-again Christian. Entrepreneur. Dreamer. Deep Thinker. Martial Artist and Soul Surfer. Hiker and Explorer. Computer Geek in disguise. Leader by example. Soon to be Affiliate Marketer.

Why I want to help others with Health & Wealth

We’re into natural health and wellness, and I’ve created this site and blog to encourage and inspire others to be their own Health Advocate.


Why? Because it’s life changing and meaningful. It’s something that I believe we should all do in order to age gracefully, and to better enjoy our Golden Years… Also, because doctors don’t know everything and don’t always get it right.


I was misdiagnosed when I had a minor stroke and I had to learn the hard way and go through years of recovery. It was quite a wake up call, plus I became a cancer survivor – Naturally.


By embracing my challenges and facing my fears, I have learned so much that I avoided surgery, chemo and radiation therapy, and if I can help some people to empower themselves, then this effort will be my way of giving back to others and to the world of information available.

My Website  ~  empower369

My website is designed to give you a bigger picture… To point you in a better direction and give you a new perspective. To inspire you. To increase your hope. To empower you!


There are many people that have suffered more than I have. There are many bigger miracles to be told… But, this is my story and it’s worth sharing.


Please see my disclaimer page. The information here is from my own personal experience and everyone is different. Take what is useful and discard the rest! Learn and Empower yourself.


Being empowered to make good decisions is my hope for you. Changing our habits and lifestyle will have lasting, meaningful effects for the future you. Preventive medicine is a great thing to practice and natural healing is possible!

Health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind and Spirit ~

Healthy and Wealthy! I didn’t want my first website and blog to be about money only. I have a passion for healthy living and a need to be prosperous. In keeping my priorities straight, I decided to keep money secondary always, yet include ways here to make money from home. Health is the real wealth ~ keep the balance right!


We serve the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We believe that he died for our sins and he rose from the dead to give us everlasting life… Jesus will return again in all his glory.

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” ~John 3:16


For us, life is all about living with passion and making great memories…