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My Disclaimer

for fighting cancer naturally




Healing prostate cancer naturally, or any type of cancer, is not for everyone.


It takes the right amount of desire to educate yourself to the point of confidence. You’ll need a conviction of faith in yourself, and better yet – Faith in a higher power to deal effectively with the emotional causes, as well as the physical causes of cancer.


If you can overcome the fear with not only Faith, but by knowing the facts and committing to fighting cancer relentlessly, then you will become a better person. Empower yourself!


By applying natural healing techniques, you will know yourself better and you’ll be happier and healthier. Note – the hardest part of fighting cancer naturally, for myself, is changing to a semi-vegetarian diet (80% greens, 20% protein) that is a sugar free diet as well. Juicing makes this easier and more feasible.




Because honesty is always the best policy.


I’m not a doctor, nor am I allowed to make any claims or medical statements. I’m my own Health Advocate.


It doesn’t mean that I’ve met all my health goals and potential. It means that I continually look for answers and I’m a work in progress to develop the right habits to find my balance for healthier living… a process that can always get better.


Thanks for sharing a bit of this journey with me. Please take what is useful and discard the rest. If it makes sense then trust and verify the facts. 


Please consult with your medical physician in addition to educating yourself.


All vitamin and supplement manufacturers are required to put a disclaimer on their label, so I’m being proactive because you want to be inspired by someone with honesty and respect.


Whatever you decide to do or not do is your responsibility. I’m merely sharing my personal experience with you in the most honest, straight forward way that I can because knowledge is valuable.


Everyone is different and there are many variables involved but no one knows you better than yourself. Always be honest with yourself.


Also, please use the contact me form and I’ll do everything I can to help you or to point you in the best direction.


I know what you’re going through and my wife has been my biggest supporter. I have to periodically support her back, because fear is a liar. I hope all the best for you, may God bless you in your endeavors.

~ Edwin