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Hello World ~ Awaken the sleeping Giant



Where do I start in the blank canvas of my personal website? My very first blog…


Introductions, of course.


Welcome to empowering369


Where you’ll find some of the many options that you have in Natural Healing, preventive medicine, and my personal approach on how I defeated prostate cancer – Naturally. No surgery, no chemo or radiation therapy.


Big Pharma will never announce a cure for cancer, and we don’t have to understand why. Greed is greed, and it likely goes beyond that…


What you do have to understand is that you always have options. Even if you have already had surgery, then how do you prevent cancer from coming back?  What if you want to play it safe and do radiation therapy, can you apply natural remedies at the same time? Empower yourself.


Empower :


  • Give (someone) the authority or power to do something
  • Make (someone) stronger and more confident, especially in controlling their life and claiming their rights


3 6 9 Tesla’s theory of Vortex Math:


In Vortex Math, if you polarize everything the numbers 1,2,4,5,7,8 are numbers that represent the physical world. The numbers 3,6,9 are numbers that represent the spiritual world, which govern the physical world from the quantum level.


It is through this discovery that Nikola Tesla discovered that the universe is made out of energy, vibration, and frequency.


Through the Tesla code ~ Thought, feelings, and beliefs with the combination of the unified field theory make up vibrational frequencies that begin to reshape the universe around you from the quantum level all the way up the physical world that we can see with the naked eye.


Thoughts, feelings, and beliefs are spiritual – non physical things that affect the physical universe around us because we are energetically and vibrationally one with it.


Essentially, according to vortex math, that repeated pattern of numbers defines a “vortex”, which is the deepest structure in the universe, and it’s the key to understanding all of math, all of physics, all of metaphysics, all of medicine.

3 6 9 represent the non physical structure of energy. The Tesla code is the missing link in the law of attraction…


What is the spiritual meaning of 369 ?

  • The number 369 is a mix of energies of the numbers 3, 6 and 9… As a blend of these energies, the number 369 symbolizes caring and providing for others, especially your family members. It also symbolizes philanthropy and love for humanity.



Hello World!


It’s that time again for Soul-searching and Vision…


To tap into my intuition and higher power.


To humble myself and pray for guidance.


To finalize my blueprint and build my foundation.


To reawaken my entrepreneurial spirit…


Giving value to anyone that may need the information and to make money at the same time in the world of Affiliate Marketing.


The Entrepreneur within


I’ve always been an entrepreneur, ever since I was a teenager when I took an auto body repair class, then found myself making money.


It just came Naturally… My friends started asking me to repair their cars, and they offered to pay for my services… Suddenly, I was making extra money on my terms. By word of mouth, I received so many requests, and requests from friends of friends… That I had to organize and gear up for high demand… Performing lots of repairs for a 17 year old High School student who would rather be surfing! 


In the early 90s, we enjoyed a part time Balloon decorating business and service. We took a seminar on how to construct balloon arches, columns, drops and more…


We were having fun! We enjoyed working hard and being our own boss at an early age. My wife Mary was super great at making custom centerpieces and party favors… We never had to advertise and there was no Internet. We had the power of a good reputation and plain ole word of mouth.


There are certain jobs that we’ll never forget, such as a Wedding at the Queen Mary, a huge balloon arch at a roller skating race at the Forum, and a balloon drop for a friends Rock Band at a club called The Whiskey in Hollywood, California.


Parties were set up from the Ports of Call to Malibu… We also set up the graduation ceremony at El Camino College for years. We were very fortunate to be able to put money secondary, and enjoy working with a passion.


In the late 90s, I spent a short time being a personal consultant to a few small clients. Repairing computers and training in Quicken and Quickbooks… 


Now, after more than a year of being a humble Lyft driver – it’s time for some big changes.


I have never been a highly successful person. I have had many small successes and a lot of failures, big failures. But on the other hand, I have always succeeded at being a good person, a happy and content person. A humble and private person. Life has been good to us so far…


It’s not how the world sees you that matters, it’s how you see yourself that counts.


You have to love yourself enough to forgive yourself for all the failures! You have to pick yourself up, over and over again, to be resilient. You have to always have hope and fight with Faith.


I’ve learned from my mistakes and that’s where I am now in my life. I’m ready to paint this blank canvas and take my entrepreneurship to a higher level. It’s time to awaken the sleeping giant within!


It’s not easy to put ourselves out on the World Wide Web when you’re a very private person, so please return to watch this site evolve. I hope to gain your trust, and to inspire you to be your own Health Advocate. But, only YOU can Empower YOU.



Serenity Brown

Hello sir! This is incredibly inspiring and helpful.

It’s time for the humble and honorable people to win, and take up space in this world.

Manifesting can be difficult when your mind, body and spirit are bogged down. I have a feeling it will get easier for me with the gems you’ll be dropping on this blog!


Aug 30.2019 | 12:32 am


    Hey Serenity!
    Thanks for dropping a comment here to share your thoughts… I’m happy to know you are inspired and I wish you nothing but the best in Life. Please return to see my site develop and better yet – Let’s keep sharing ideas and perspective! Stay in touch.

    Only YOU can empower YOU 🙂

    Aug 30.2019 | 04:14 am

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