by EDWIN BENAVENTE | 8:27 am
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Fighting cancer naturally


Healing prostate cancer naturally, or any type of cancer, is not for everyone.

It takes the right amount of desire to educate yourself to the point of confidence. You’ll need a conviction of faith in yourself, and better yet – Faith in a higher power to deal effectively with the emotional causes, as well as the physical causes of cancer.


If you can overcome the fear, with not only Faith, but by knowing the facts and committing to fighting cancer relentlessly, then you will become a better person. Empower yourself!

Please refer to my DISCLAIMER page.


I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. ~Philippians 4:13

Why I became my own Health Advocate

It was the day after my wife’s birthday, in March 2015, we were driving to California and under a lot of stress because my Mother-in-law was having surgery. We made our first stop to relieve our dog, her first potty break on the 4.5 hour trip…


We got back on the freeway and suddenly my speech was slurred and I thought that it was because of the donuts that I was eating… But, when I reached for my coffee, I felt a slight tingling in my right arm and I just knew that I was having the symptoms of a stroke.


We pulled over and after 5 minutes I was able to shake it off but we decided to turn around at the state line. We went to Urgent Care and I told them that “I had a minor stroke but it went away”.


After a CAT Scan and blood test, etc… the doctor walks in with his prognosis and he was eating at the same time. He casually said that I need to follow up with my doctor, which we agreed to, and that I had a panic attack and not a stroke. He gave us a prescription of Xanax and we went home to rest before heading back on the road.


At the time, we didn’t know the meaning of a TIA stroke. And, in a way I wanted to believe the doctor because no one wants to have a stroke, but my intuition was telling me that something was still wrong. What I did know is that anyone can have a stroke, at any age.


So, after 24 hours my grip slowly became weaker and weaker until I ended up in the emergency room in California. I was hospitalized for 2 weeks, most of that time was rehab therapy, and it all could have been prevented.


Misdiagnosis: another wake up call

Misdiagnosis is another reason for becoming my own Health Advocate. I’ve always heard of people being misdiagnosed but when it happens to you, it’s quite shocking. Having a minor stroke is certainly a wake up call by itself, as everything changes. And, if or when that occasional misdiagnosis happens to you, then you feel the need to help others so that we can all empower ourselves.


Approximately 9 months after being misdiagnosed for my TIA Stroke, my Urologist told us the results of my biopsy – I had prostate cancer and it was “past the early stages”.


My Urologist recommended that I do my homework and to get a CAT Scan to see if the cancer has spread. Then, he can decide the best treatment, which would be Radiation Treatment or Radical Surgery.


He was already leaning towards Radical Surgery to remove my prostate, so I asked “How long before I need to have my prostate removed?” He replied “within 3 months”.


That’s when I became my own Health Advocate. I did my homework and realized a lot of things… I learned so much and decided to empower myself by applying my knowledge.


Turning point to seek all options

When my Urologist gave us the news in person, my wife cried and to be honest, we were both shocked at the news and fear overcame us both.


After a couple days of prayer and reflection, I began my own research and I gained insight, as well as a new perspective…


We were very concerned but I started by praying and putting my faith in God. I totally trust the Lord Jesus in everything and we pray every morning, usually it is just to give thanks for another day…


It’s been nearly 4 years (at the time of writing) and I still have my prostate!


I knew that doctors don’t know everything, and they surely don’t always get it right. The more research that I applied, the more confident I became. Some things just made sense and I followed common sense and my intuition. Plus, I believe that the pharmaceutical industry will never announce a cure for cancer.


I addressed my own cancer without any conventional medical treatment; no Chemotherapy, no Radiation therapy to burn my gland, no surgery to remove my prostate.


Since 20% of all men will get prostate cancer, my intent is to inspire you, to empower you, to encourage you even if you are going through any conventional methods, then this information can be useful and valuable. Some of the following may apply to other forms of cancer. Supplement your current treatment and / or develop your own game plan. Develop a better, always evolving game plan… Be blessed.


My personal plan of action:


  1. Change to a semi-vegetarian, sugar free diet
  2. Drink a gallon of Alkaline Water* per day
  3. Take high quality CBD Oil – by CBD Pure or CBD MD
    1. Two of the most trusted companies
  4. Exercise regularly and improve cardiovascular health
  5. Fast regularly to detoxify, do a liver cleanse routinely
  6. Baking Soda and Molasses protocol
  7. Use the best essential oil** – Frankincense by DoTerra
  8. Supplement with Ultra Natural Prostate, by Life Extension
  9. Supplement with Vitamin D3, Super Bio-Curcumin, Black Cumin Seed
  10. Find and release any emotional causes or unforgiving emotions

*We make our own Alkaline water using lemons due to its many other benefits. You can use pH test strips to make your own alkaline water, or simply purchase alkaline water

**Optional or add later, as it is an ingredient of the Ultra Natural Prostate



The recommended items above have no statements or claims of healing cancer. The combination of such and the consistency of following this action plan may have significant benefits for your health in general. Please see the disclaimer page and refer to your medical physician while educating yourself. My action plan should serve as a guide, as I expect everyone to develop their own plan.


Please take what is useful and discard the rest. Making your own action plan, depending on your own needs and goals, will empower you by gaining knowledge and applying it to your life!


This is a summary outline of my approach to fighting cancer without the conventional treatments. Please return to see my site develop, follow up blogs will reveal the details of this natural approach to self healing, and more… Empower yourself!


ty Chan

Thanks for your sharing here. Seldom do I read people’s personal story online these days. I feel sorry for your illness. And I hope your experience can help those who are fighting against cancer. Stay healthy! God bless you! What’s the purpose of CBD oil?

Aug 16.2019 | 05:48 am


    Thanks so much, I’m very fortunate to know a better way… It’s made me stronger as well.

    CBD Oil has so many benefits and is still being studied extensively. Simply put, CBD oil promotes general well being, reduces depression, inflammation and pain. There’s much more to it, I hope this helps

    Aug 16.2019 | 08:25 am

Devara Garrison

Wow! What a great recovery. I’m so glad you overcame the prostate cancer. I really like what you are doing here for others. Great pictures too.
Thanks for the encouraging article.
Best of health,

Aug 16.2019 | 09:46 am


    Thank you so much Devara ! I’m blessed to know the truth about cancer and I hope to help others enrich and empower themselves… Mind, Body & Spirit.
    Stay thankful ~ Stay well,

    Aug 16.2019 | 02:25 pm

Tom Priesmeyer

Hi Edwin, great article. Congrats to you for taking the initiative to educate yourself and cure your own cancer. Many people can benefit from this excellent advice. I have studied alternative cancer treatments, and am aware of much of what your protocol states, but there are a few things you are doing that I wasn’t aware of. Again congrats, and thanks for sharing this important information.

Aug 22.2019 | 11:35 am


    Thanks Tom!
    You can probably tell that I have a lot to say, so please return to see my site develop… Stay blessed, stay Strong!

    Aug 22.2019 | 12:56 pm


Hello Edwin.
What a great story of faith and courage. I am glad you managed to beat the big C and wish you continued health. May your story inspire many who face a similar diagnosis to find the strength to take charge of their own health by following your example of doing a thorough research and seeking out alternatives or supplements to conventional medicine.

Thank you for sharing.


Aug 23.2019 | 01:55 pm


    Thank you Francine!
    I am very blessed and it’s nice to finally share my insight and perspective… Giving back is just a start because there is so much information and research available on our path to finding the Truth… Stay blessed, Stay healthy!

    Aug 30.2019 | 04:01 am

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